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This discipleship project is not only to make a few disciples here and there. It is rather training Leaders, Pastors and Evangelists to go and make more disciples of many nations and in many different languages. Through training, and directing this great international project we are training and helping others the methods and the tools to make, teach and lead other disciples so that the tree of making disciples can keep multiplying in the name of Christ. In the discipleship program we use articles, narrations, documents and many other resources to take disciples into a deeper level of the Word of God. 

ABN’s plan is: recording, streaming  & Presenting each single topic in which each short episode ( 10 minutes length) answers and focuses on only one question per episode.

Our first group of discipleship teachers (15 languages) currently are about 22 men of God,  good Christian leaders and pastors who represent almost 10 different languages of the 10/40 Window of: Middle East, the Far East and Africa.  This project is growing rapidly and moving forward at a fast pace. Our goal is to gather the best up to 75 leaders, Pastors, Evangelists and teachers so that they train and lead the coming generation of leaders that will also train other Disciples in the future. 

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