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The Cross & the Crescent

Hosted by Pastor Joseph

jesus or muhammad.JPG

Jesus or Muhammad

Christian apologists expose false religions and cults which deny the Trinity.

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Debate Night

We provide a platform where Christians can dialog with Muslims and defend their faith.

investigating the qur.JPG

Investigating the Qur'an

Hosted by Dr. Tony Costa

christianity islam.JPG

Christianity, Islam,

and America

colliding worldviews.JPG

Colliding World Views

bridging the gap.JPG

Bridging the G.A.P.

Dr. Jay Smith and Tony Gurule

islam and the news.JPG

Islam & the News

Is the New Testament

truly the word of God?


Would Muhammad qualify as a Biblical Prophet?


Debate: Oneness vs. Trinity Preexistence of the person of the Son


Does science prove or disprove Christianity?


Debate: Would Muhammad qualify as a Biblical Prophet?


Debate: Is Muhammad the Prophet of Deuteronomy 18:18?

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